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So.... The Wife accidentally confused petrol for diesel ...easily done apparently ?...this Saturday afternoon at Tesco's Petrol Station and filled my truck to the brim with unleaded ... Fortunately for her Wakefields came to the rescue with quality service and a prompt arrival.. and even took the time to swing by the town centre and pick up the kids and I who were blissfully unaware, thanks very much guys .. Top job
Date of Posting: 21 February 2016
Posted By: Steve Belshaw
Was on a get away trip with friends in Lincolnshire, as we arrived my suspension went and car was kaput... They turned up within the time scale provided and extremely friendly, we weren't due to leave till Monday (this was on Saturday) and was told to call back on Monday and they'll take my car home, as our friend drove too we all went back in their car as Wakefield Auto told us to put our luggage in my car so we had more room and was a breeze! I want to thank you for all your time and work and making our get away stay relaxed and panic free :) Great company.
Date of Posting: 01 February 2016
Posted By: Anthony Shortt
What can I say?

I was extremely satisfied with Wakefield autos because they helped arrange for my car and me to be taken home on a truck all the way home to Newport South Wales after my cars master clutch cylinder decided to fail on my last day of my small holiday break in Boston Lincolnshire. Luckily it happened whilst in the hotel car park just as I checked out etc.

So I rung up my breakdown cover people 'START RESCUE' who dealt with it superbly, kept me calm and making sure I knew it was all going to be okay. A lovely guy, I dont know his name but he wore glasses....from Wakefield autos Boston came out to me within 30 minutes which was very good and was very helpful and quick to rule out the exact problem with my car. He then arranged to get another member of the team from Wakefield to come with a truck to put my car on it and tow me to Leicester.......then from there put my car onto another truck to Birmingham then.....onto one last truck to take me home to South Wales,Newport all FREE of charge I could not believe it. I was so grateful and thankful for the service they provided and helped me with.....also big thanks to Start Rescue my breakdown cover people for handling my case very well indeed.

I thanked each of the team/truck drivers who drove for miles and miles to get me to each destination and especially to the last tow truck driver who happily drove me from Birmingham to Wales without stopping.

Great service, top notch.
Date of Posting: 29 August 2015
Posted By: Danny Tjoe
Newport South Wales
Would just like to say a big Thank You to the recovery truck driver who turned out late last night(yes a Saturday-sorry) to get us back home from Spalding to Leicestershire (arranged through AA). We appreciated his professional and efficient service. Hope he had a safe trip back and a well deserved lie in this morning?! He is a credit to your company.Happy with each step of the recovery process last night, communication and timings spot on and greatly appreciated. First class service.
Date of Posting: 26 April 2015
Posted By: Amanda Williamson
AA Customer, Leicestershire
This is just a quick message to say thanks for a breakdown call out on the evening of 3/4/15 via the AA. I was broken down at Sibsey on the A16. Your operative was friendly, polite and jovial and was resourceful in identifying the fault. This turned out to be a poor alternator connection yielding a variety of peculiar electronic symptoms. The problem was quickly fixed and we were on our way promptly. Thanks.
Date of Posting: 03 April 2015
Posted By: Brian Brown

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