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Last Sunday (8/12/13) after a warning light came on the dashboard on a visit to see family in Skegness the insurance company arranged for assistance. Within a short time span Mat arrived and like a yuletide miracle managed to repair our car. He was very friendly and explained the problem straight away and luckily was able to fix it too. Thank you so much.
Date of Posting: 15 December 2013
Posted By: Michelle Priestley
Yesterday 12/12/2013 I had the unfortunate mishap of our parts delivery driver filling my van with petrol instead of diesel. Having driven it from Boston to Peterborough and realising what he had done he rang me at the depot. Upon receiving the call there was only one name sprang to mind - Wakefield Autos! So I gave Julie a call who promptly organized recovery of the stricken vehicle, within minutes I had been notified there was a recovery vehicle on its way to collect the van. The vehicle was then taken to Wakefields workshop where the technicians revived the strickened vehicle. Many many thanks for a totally professional service given by all.
Date of Posting: 13 December 2013
Posted By: Ian Ceaser
Boston, Lincolnshire
On this face of this could have been a nightmare as we have a driver illness with a elderly person in an electric wheel chair that obviously could not get into a transporter, and no where to put the wheel chair anyway.
Very distressed Lady that was hurt hence the driver illness.
Recovery was about 60 miles away.
OK what do I do....
So I rang Julie at Wakefield Auto's .. no problem, one they have a contact with a disabled taxi so they can bill them for me to give them a authorisation number to bill the elderly couple are not laying out money for a pay and re claim, Julie then arranged a transporter to meet the taxi in an hour to collect the car and caravan from the camp site......
I was one by myself in TST and oddly enough had another driver illness to sort out as well.
Julie and Co. down there was just amazing, it was just like the old National Breakdown days of Bases of old....

Can you just pass the message on that they were Brilliant...
Date of Posting: 17 September 2013
Posted By: Neil Thomas - Direct Line via RBS Insurance
After a lovely day at Butlins I got back to my car with two tired kids to find my car would not even attempt to start. I was so surprised that within 35 minutes Mat was there. He was great, really quick and didn't make me feel any more stupid than I already did when he told me that my hazard light has drained the battery.

The car not starting could have ruined a nice day, but actually your speed and manner saved it.

Date of Posting: 22 August 2013
Posted By: hannah randell
Broke down this evening on a bad bend, felt very uneasy about location. From point of contact was looked after exceptionally. The mechanic Mat put me at ease making sure both the vehicle and myself got home safely. Highly recommended fantastic service.
Date of Posting: 23 July 2013
Posted By: Anne

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